275 Years on an “E”

275 Years on an "E"

It is a typical summer weekend at Crystal Lake with a sunny sky and a 20 mph breeze from the south. Norman Olsen and crew make their way out onto the dock, hoist their CR-60 sails, and sail out from the lee of the club to the blustery race course. In a year where the WMYA region saw a surge in participation from younger sailors, there is something a little different going on here. Olsen, 77, and his able crew all qualify for free coffee, as they have a combined 275 years of “experience” on board. While it seems they might all be more comfortable on a keel boat, they all share a common fate. Despite an average age of...

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2007 WMYA Annual Meeting

At the 2006 Annual Meeting a motion was made to hold the WMYA Annual Meeting to the opening evening / registration night of the annual championship regatta to facilitate more input and participation from sailors. The motion was approved and the WMYA Annual Meeting will be held Wednesday August 1st, 7:00pm at the White Lake Yacht Club.

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Chuck Harrett

December 21, 2006 Chuck Harrett passed away in his sleep at home in Grand Rapids. News of this was passed through our sailing community all through out the day from state to state. It was only a few days until Christmas, but by the next evening people were arriving to support his wife Betty, daughter Sally, and son Charlie. By his funeral on Saturday the support had grown to an almost unbelievable amount of people from all over the country. Standing room only became a reality for many. How to pay tribute to a man who gave willingly to our organization for twenty years is a dilemma. In 1986, Chuck became our Race Official and every year, four days in...

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