The Western Michigan Yachting Association was formed in December 1929 as a result of an informal agreement between representatives of the three original member clubs; the Spring Lake Yacht Club, the Muskegon Yacht Club and the White Lake Yacht Club. The fledgling association held their first regatta at Muskegon Lake in 1930 as a two day event. The regatta included only three classes of boats: A Scows, C Scows and E Scows, and involved only a single race in each class. The Muskegon Lake Regatta was so successful that the three clubs decided to formalize their relationship and promote intense inter-club competition. Today the WMYA has twenty member clubs and a yearly four day regatta that offers competition in the E, C, MC, Butterfly, Laser, Melges 17 and Optimist classes.

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To show your support for our organization and the promotion of sailing, you can become a Lifetime Member by making a tax free contribution of $1000.00 payable at one time or four installments of $250.00/yr. Please remit to; WMYA, PO Box 101. Spring Lake, MI 49456

Attention Sailors

As you know Torch lake Yacht Club has very small parking lot and limited space to run the regatta from. Maps are attached for your review, but the parking process will be as follows: -The parking lot will be open on Tuesday for registering and launching boats. General traffic will be asked to park in the upper parking lot and take the land taxi to the site. Please do not come down the driveway unless you have a boat to launch or unload. -On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday the parking lot will be closed except to lifetime WMYA members and the race committee. No one will get down the parking lot without a parking pass. -On Saturday, please do not come down with your car until your boat is packed up and ready to be removed. Please remove immediately and put in the trailer parking while you wait for the regatta to finish. We need to keep flow open as the boats come in form racing. More details on pull out at skippers meeting. -MCs and M-17s will be stored on trailers. The MCs will be placed in the Tennis courts and along the boardwalk, The M-17s will be at the south end of the parking lot. Your boats and trailers will be assigned a number to use for easy pull out and launch. The Es and Cs on moorings. Moorings are provided by the club. -PLEASE SEE PARKING LOT ATTENDANTS FOR A SPOT ASSIGNMENT. Please be kind to our parking lot attendants, they will direct you the best they can, and help get you where you need to go. Thanks you in advance for your patience and we look forward to seeing you at the lake!

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